Where does Crumble Crate deliver?

We deliver throughout the continental United States.  

How does delivery work?

We ship our boxes by 7th of every month. You must place your order by the last day of the previous month to guarantee delivery. 

What do I receive in my Crumble Crate baking kit?

We ship you all the pre-measured dry ingredients you need to bake that month’s featured gourmet treat. That's right - everything has been pre-measured for you! However, we do not include perishable items such as eggs and butter.  We do, however, provide a keepsake recipe card containing a list of ingredients so that you can have the perishable items on hand when you are ready to begin your bake.  Also included in every box are professional tools and kitchen-themed surprises to assist you in creating your baking masterpiece. 

How long will the ingredients in my Crumble Crate baking kit last?

For best results, we recommend that your kit be used within the first week of delivery.  However, ingredients can be stored in a cool dry place for one month or more.  

Where can I find a recipe that includes ingredients and quantities?

Each baking kit contains a keepsake recipe card with exact measurements for each ingredient. You can bake the delicious dessert as many times as you like!  After a few months you will have a lovely collection of recipe cards with measurements, ingredients and techniques for a variety of elegant and delectable treats. 

What else will I need to make a dessert?

Every recipe card contains a list of ingredients and tools you will need from your kitchen.  Many items can be found at your local grocery store and we even offer substitutions for ingredients and tools when applicable.

Is Crumble Crate allergen free?

No, we are not allergen free.  We use many different types of ingredients that may contain nuts, soy, dairy, wheat and any other allergy sensitive food product. Even if our recipe does not specifically contain an ingredient, such as nuts, our packages are assembled in a facility that may contain any of these allergy sensitive food products.  Therefore, we CANNOT make any guarantees. If you have a food allergy or are purchasing for someone with an allergy, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that there are not trace amounts of allergy sensitive foods in any baking kit. 

How do gifts work?

Any baking kit can be gifted by selecting "gift" at check-out. Personalized messages can be included with any gift.