How It Works

Never heard of subscriptions before, let alone a baking subscription? Let us walk you through it!

Basically, it’s the world of home baking delivered to your door, every month.


Select a plan

Choose your subscription plan; the bigger the subscription, the more you save.

Prepare & Assemble

We will assemble your baking kit so that you get the best gourmet home baking experience.

While You Wait

Check your email to see what perishable ingredients and equipment you need for your dessert (if you don’t already have them!)


Not only with your friends and family but with us... through pictures. Tag us @crumblecrate in your gourmet creations!

Select the best plan for you.

Become the baker you've always wanted to be. Join our exclusive community of bakers and recieve a custom Baker’s Kit with your 6 or 12 month subscription! If you’re not ready for a subscription, try one of our Individual Baking Kits.

We’ve got your order.

Once your order is placed, we start assembling your baking kit with all the pre-measured dry ingredients, speciality baking tools, and keepsake recipe card ready to be shipped to you. No need to waste time or ingredients, head straight to baking!

Sit back and prepare.

(Yes, we’re seeing the irony there) As much as we wished we could include EVERYTHING in the kit, there are perishable ingredients like eggs and butter that we can’t include. Be sure to check your emails to see what you’ll need from your kitchen before you start baking!

Share your creations!

Tag us @crumblecrate to get your gourmet creations featured on our social media!

Select your plan

Choose the subscription plan that works best for you, and let's bake!

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$47.95 $44.75 per month SAVE $120 with FREE SHIPPING
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